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From small start-ups to ground-up campuses, our award-winning office designs are intuitive, adaptive, and inspirational environments that support an organization’s most important assets: talent and brand. We rigorously research operational needs, strategic user behavior, market position, and organizational culture to design what our clients need and employees want. By anticipating future operational and technology requirements, we boost productivity and wellness by creating innovative workplaces that encourage cultural values, collaboration, and adaptability and keep you ahead of the trends. We dream big and deliver excellence.

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OFFICE Project List

Microsoft asked us to redesign the lobby in Building 5 of their Redmond Town Center campus, but their request needed a deeper, more nuanced approach than a typical surface refresh. Working in a small space and with a tight budget, our redesign had to express Microsoft’s core value of human-centered design. It needed to be both secure and fully usable by anyone, of all abilities and ages. As an experience, it had to fit easily within Microsoft’s global brand guidelines. And we should use ordinary materials to do innovative things. After refining three initial design concepts, our final lobby redesign successfully packs a lot of programming, meaning, and intention into a compact space.