Lead with our heart. Share openly. Embrace change. Have fun with it. Be yourself. Trust.


These are our Hows, the values by which we work and play. We encourage everyone to show up in life and at work authentically, to seek connections and embrace the work we do with enthusiasm and flexibility. We’re a hybrid firm, and we work differently. These values set us apart from other firms, and you can see HOW (the values show up) NOW. We created our Hows a few years ago through a decade-long process outlined here, but that was then, and times are still changing – how do our Hows evolve with the times? HOW NOW. is that, what our Hows look like today, and how we live them.


Designed to encapsulate the AM firm offerings and events that bring us together, HOW NOW. focuses on how we individually and collectively show up with our Hows at AM. Whether it’s a team happy hour, Design Week, a Lunch and Learn or other educational offering, these firm events are some of the many ways we show up for each other and embody our values.

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