Bringing you home.

We approach housing design as urban placemaking, with environmentally and culturally relevant solutions that meet residents needs for comfort, security, versatility, and connectedness. We measure design success by how widespread and effective the outcomes are to our clients and residents and cities. Creativity drives our design processes as much as it drives our concepts. In pursuit of the best solutions, we create an approach and design to our clients' unique goals, collaborating while pushing beyond expectations. We never presume answers. We discover them, just as we discover and honor people's dreams, hopes, ideals, cultures, histories, localities. We invite people to turn our housing into their homes.

Mason and its sister site, Main are a unique set of buildings located within Seattles Little Saigon neighborhood. Retaining the neighborhood’s original character - a place where cultures meet and weave together - the two sibling structures house emerging professionals, forever-renters, downsizing empty nesters, and individuals of all age groups.   A recognition that not everybody has the same needs embodies the spirit of the Mason building; Each common room and amenity was designed with a different approach, for a different purpose, intended to be used at different times of the day. This innovative design direction lends itself to establishing the amenity spaces inside the Mason building as unique, independent destinations within the larger Mason & Main destination.   The interior of Mason is saturated with subtle references to travel, and the growth of understanding that comes with it. Local art alluding to international styles makes that connection immediately within Mason’s foyer. Paired with the wide array of vibrant colors and intricate textures integrated throughout the building, it’s apparent that Mason offers an assortment of charming, one-of-a-kind locations for residents to come together and foster meaningful connections, all under a single roof.