HOUSING / Urban Living Interiors

We transcend walls.

By creating emotionally rich places for people to express themselves, we meet them where they are and push them further. By responding to culture, history, and local environments through movement, texture, light, and analog artistry, we shape places’ spirits into totally new experiences. Our sought-after addresses set the lifestyle bar for residents and developers.

Welcome to Main, a vibrant component of the Mason & Main development, nestled in the heart of Seattle’s Little Saigon neighborhood. While its sibling project, Mason, celebrates cultural diversity with vibrant colors, Main embraces a moodier tone, paying homage to the area's rich history and attracting the creative and adventurous. Explore Main and uncover its unique offerings. An expanded co-working program provides diverse options for creativity and innovation, with private offices designed for productivity and lounge areas inspired by local cafés, encouraging impromptu meetings and networking. Main was intentionally designed for flexibility, transforming from a daytime lounge space into a vibrant hub of entertainment. Discover the Vault Bar, hidden behind a panelized wood wall, offering an experience reminiscent of the historic neighborhood. Poker tables beckon the bold, while cozy lounges and intimate seating areas encourage socialization. Attracting creatives and adventurers alike, Main celebrates diversity and inclusion with vibrant murals and intricate textures integrated throughout the space, uniting individuals from all walks of life. In the spirit of Mason & Main, our sister projects are dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of residents while celebrating their surroundings. Whether you're drawn to adventure or seeking comfort, Main welcomes you to a space where connections are forged, ideas flourish, and every moment promises excitement. Welcome to Main—where modern living meets endless possibilities.