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We transcend walls.

By creating emotionally rich places for people to express themselves, we meet them where they are and push them further. By responding to culture, history, and local environments through movement, texture, light, and analog artistry, we shape places’ spirits into totally new experiences. Our sought-after addresses set the lifestyle bar for residents and developers.

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HOUSING/Urban Living Interiors Project List

The first housing built in the heart of bustling Redmond Town Center, Talisman pushes the boundaries of what residents expect from urban-suburban locales. The identity of this six-story apartment building was crafted with the innovative, international, and forward-thinking spirits of the local tech employees that are sure to call it home. The design is dynamic and expressive, sophisticated yet comfortable; a true reflection of the community within. For inspiration, our designers crafted the concept “Manthropology”– a riff on the well-known retail brand with the spin “what if Anthropologie was reimagined for men?” man • thro • pol • o • gy noun 1 : the study of the Redmond tech employee; especially : the study of Redmond tech workers in relation to physical character, environmental and social relations, and culture: a: Characteristics include design tendencies toward purposeful, architectural, and layered, with exposed connections and mechanisms. b: Personal appearance is comfortable, yet stylish. Appears effortless but in fact much thought is put into items of importance. Open to opportunities to distinguish oneself from the “pack” c. Appreciates quality over quantity.