Photo of 250 Taylor

Photo of 250 Taylor

Photo of 250 Taylor

Photo of 250 Taylor

Photo of 250 Taylor

Photo of 250 Taylor

250 Taylor

A Catalyst Creative Office

Creative people and thriving businesses are attracted to Portland’s reputation for high-quality craftsmanship and resourceful ingenuity. 250 Taylor offers them both in the heart of the city’s downtown core. As the 2019 winner of the CRE Transformer Award, the 10-story office building is considered one of the most transformative commercial real estate projects of the year by the Portland Business Journal. Our straightforward design embodies the composition of Yamhill Historic District at a human scale—revitalizing the pedestrian experience at a key transitional block. Rooted in place, the project is designed to promote access to air, light, and wellness.

Portland, Oregon
  • 10 stories
  • 230,650 sq. ft.
  • Completed in 2020

CRE Transformer Award 2019


Core and Shell


Architecture: Brad Bane

Architecture Story

Responding to Context

250 Taylor was our opportunity to create a catalyst development rooted in Portland’s history yet ready for the future. To achieve that, we designed a speculative Creative Class-A office that integrates the traditional and modern materials, all supported by a core structure that can last for generations. Human-scale design and traditional building materials give our historic districts their signature charm and character. 250 Taylor is our contemporary interpretation of these beloved qualities, applied to a creative office. We studied the rhythm, scale, and proportion of surrounding historic structures, and referenced them in our design with recessed entries and façade setbacks. The result is a place that extends the energy of Portland’s Yamhill Historic District and bridges to the surrounding central city scale. To recall the material scale and texture of the district’s masonry buildings, the 10-story, post-tension concrete building is skinned in unitized terra cotta and glass curtainwall. Sited on a Portland half block (100’x200’), the building core is offset to the southern edge of the parcel creating large, open floor plates that will support a variety of uses over the building’s lifespan. The entry has been located at the mid-block pushing retail to the corners. Bike parking has been added along SW 3rd Avenue to support the ever-growing biking community. It's also an essential facility, which means it can withstand 50% higher seismic forces than a typical building, making it a safe place to shelter after an earthquake event. Future tenants of 250 Taylor will have access to one of the largest rooftop decks in Portland, with protected, sweeping views over the Yamhill Historic District, the Willamette River, and Mt. Hood for years to come.