Photo of One West Main
Photo of One West Main
Photo of One West Main
Photo of One West Main
Photo of One West Main
Photo of One West Main

One West Main

Revitalizing Downtown Medford Development

In 2012, commercial development in downtown Medford, Oregon had stalled out. Six years earlier, the city had built a 3-story parking structure in the town center, hoping that it might spur development but had struggled to do so. Fast-forward to today: One West Main, a beautifully designed new commercial building, surrounds the old parking structure. Pale modular brick, gleaming wood, and grey metal panels contrast with the red brick of the existing garage. Retail has moved in. New buildings are going up. We’re proud that our design for this challenging site helped spark the downtown growth that the city of Medford hoped for.

Medford, Oregon
  • 4 stories
  • 117,600 sq. ft.





Core and Shell


Architecture: Mariah Kiersey

Architecture Story

Contrasting Old and New

When Pacific Retirement Services, ProCare Software, and Rogue Disposal & Recycling approached the city of Medford in 2012, their idea for One West Main, a mixed-use office building housing their three headquarters and ground-floor retail or restaurants, was exciting. Even more exciting was their plan to design their new building around the old parking garage; retaining downtown parking was important, both for retail customers and business employees. This new development could bring an urban edge to Medford’s town center. If done well, it could even catalyze growth. Our design challenge was to enclose three sides of the existing parking structure with a four-story office building with ground-floor retail—again, keeping public and employee parking intact. Along with designing common spaces for the three office floors and extensive roof terraces, we conducted tenant improvement on the building’s lobby interiors and Pacific Retirement Services’s third floor headquarters office. Utilizing an already established structural grid while wrapping an existing building challenged our team in the best of ways, and our client knew just what they wanted. When wrapping the existing parking garage with new office program dictated our structural design, the new floorplate was defined by the existing garage and columns below. Because the city’s downtown has a lot of two- and three-story buildings, scale is an essential consideration for Medford. We chose a less-intrusive four-story form, with a discreet penthouse and roof deck on the top floor. Window openings reference the scale and proportions of the adjacent garage in addition to the surrounding masonry building while allowing plenty of light inside. Storefronts along the south side are deep, providing shade from the Southern Oregon sun, and balconies are placed to frame beautiful views of the region’s bright skies and mountains. Our material and aesthetic design inspirations, too, were informed by the neighborhood's historic roots—the rhythmic cadence of the exterior pilasters, for example—pulls from many of the surrounding masonry buildings, and our client’s desire for simple design. We intentionally chose a limited palette of high-end light brick, gray metal panels, and glass that offset the warm red brick of the parking structure. Inside, we designed the ground-floor lobby just off of the corner, reserving that prime location to a future retail or restaurant tenant. Reclaimed end-grain oak segments line One West Main’s main lobby walls and ceilings in unique and contemporary patterns. Intentionality drove this project from start to finish. The building’s design, both inside and out, was the most streamlined and satisfying design processes our team has ever been part of. By honoring the three owner’s goals, the site, and the needs of downtown Medford, One West Main lit the spark of development in an otherwise difficult economic environment.