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We approach housing design as urban placemaking, with environmentally and culturally relevant solutions that meet residents needs for comfort, security, versatility, and connectedness. We measure design success by how widespread and effective the outcomes are to our clients and residents and cities. Creativity drives our design processes as much as it drives our concepts. In pursuit of the best solutions, we create an approach and design to our clients' unique goals, collaborating while pushing beyond expectations. We never presume answers. We discover them, just as we discover and honor people's dreams, hopes, ideals, cultures, histories, localities. We invite people to turn our housing into their homes.

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HOUSING Project List

New construction does not always mean different, bold, and flashy. When asked to design a new home for the iconic Huskey Deli in the West Seattle Junction neighborhood, we sought to honor the familiar, established character of the nearly 90-year-old business and its long-time community. 4747 California is a mixed-use building including 79 residential units and 6,500 square feet of retail space. As the first mid-rise project on the West side of California Avenue, the design team was dedicated to initiating a positive pattern of growth for future development on this important retail street. The building provides a unique residential experience thoughtfully designed to take advantage of square footage and expansive sound and mountain views. Uniting business owners, developers, and designers who all have deep ties to the neighborhood, this project is a testament to the power of architecture built with authentic connections to the people and place it stands in.