Photo of Avalon at Esterra Park
Photo of Avalon at Esterra Park
Photo of Avalon at Esterra Park
Photo of Avalon at Esterra Park
Photo of Avalon at Esterra Park

Avalon at Esterra Park

An Urban Vision for Redmond

Located in Redmond, Washington, Esterra Park is an urban, mixed-use redevelopment made up of residential, hospitality, and office. With the master plan completed in 2011, the buildings are were built in phases over several years. Here, in the micro-metro area of Redmond’s western gateway, Ankrom Moisan played a key role in setting the bar for Esterra Park and bringing urbanism into Redmond. Partnering with AvalonBay for the three residential blocks and CSM Corporation for a dual-branded hotel, we designed four blocks and conducted feasibility studies for those remaining. Avalon Esterra Park, our two seven-story, mixed-use buildings, are among the first market-rate apartment developments in the outskirts of Redmond. Designed as a live, work, and play destination close to people’s work, near the incoming light rail station, and next to a brand-new urban park, our development brings sophisticated, modern living to Redmond.

Redmond, Washington
  • Block 4: 221 units, Block 7: 261 units
  • 6 stories
  • Block 4: 457,534 Sq. Ft., Block 7: 305,265 Sq. Ft. sq. ft.



Architecture , Interiors


Mid-Rise , Urban Living Interiors


Architecture: Dave Heater

Interiors: Heather Hayes

Architecture Story

A New Wave of Development

Early in our project, our discussions with AvalonBay focused on how profoundly Redmond is changing. The tech-centered city already had office parks, low-rise, and single-family homes. Designing in accordance with the goals of the Redmond zoning code and the Overlake Village Master Plan, our projects for AvalonBay would bring contemporary building character and amenities to this multifamily housing project on the outskirts of Redmond, directly across from Microsoft’s Redmond campus. And it’s already been a great success: Our designs for the two buildings are among AvalonBay’s best performing, most successful projects regarding leasability. Esterra Park includes two seven-story, mixed-use buildings with underground parking for residents and guests. Drawing from our previous experience with Avalon, we designed both blocks to relate, to share references and some amenities, despite targeting different demographics. Because these buildings are the gateway to the entire Esterra Park development, both Avalon and the city of Redmond knew—as we do—the importance of designing them well, and for a multicultural demographic. So we carefully balanced the two buildings, working closely with AvalonBay to tailor their brands and our amenities to fit different demographics. Avalon’s north building, AVA Esterra Park appeals to established residents; common spaces accommodate co-working, family time, and entertaining. Our exterior architectural design concept recalls that of a tailored suit: refined, woven, juxtaposing rigid lines and organic elements. External materials modulate, giving textural and layering interest. Balconies project from all facades and graphically “stitch” the outer shell to the core building. The overall language of the building is clean and contemporary; our proposed material palette, superior design, and building composition will give a feeling of quality and permanence to the neighborhood and to the block. Avalon Esterra Park is designed for effortless, living, with space for social interaction and weekend relaxation driving the highly approachable amenity spaces. A unified design melds the city’s past and present through a diverse materials palette—a transparent, crafted base represents Redmond’s history; sleek, modern boxes of housing units float above the base and represent Redmond’s present and future in tech. Together, both buildings forge strong connections to the nearby urban park with a shared courtyard, giving weekend warriors and families opportunities for adventure right outside.


Interior Story

Persona-Guided Design

Avalon Esterra Park was our opportunity to set the precedent for urban living in the growing suburb. We created two dynamic mixed-use resident experiences with engaging amenities. Through the lens of two distinct user personas, we examined every detail of living to design high-quality residences unlike any in Redmond. AVA Esterra Park’s approachable co-working and entertaining spaces offer effortless living for young, active apartment dwellers. Avalon Esterra Park focuses on layered patterns to create a timeless, mature look that honors natural elements and appeals to a diverse population with sophisticated taste. Undulation is the conceptual thread that stitches the two blocks together. It appears organically and unpredictably; other times, it's repetitive and symmetrical. Appealing to younger residents, Esterra Park is a hub for social interactions and weekend relaxation. A unit mix includes one-bedroom layouts for more traditional apartment dwellers and modern walk-about styles for people with more active lifestyles. Extending the “layered” concept, the interiors of Avalon Esterra Park are a sophisticated juxtaposition of rigid lines and organic elements. The formal lobby design layers rich textures and natural patterns. A club room is an even more refined space to work, relax, or entertain. Just steps from an urban park, adventure awaits weekend warriors and families without the fuss of travel. An indoor children’s play area, pet spa, and a state-of-the art fitness center is a hub of activity for all residents of Esterra Park. And though the leasing office is in the south building, we carefully layered the interior elements of both buildings to create a shared space that feels right at home for both resident groups.