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We transcend walls.

By creating emotionally rich places for people to express themselves, we meet them where they are and push them further. By responding to culture, history, and local environments through movement, texture, light, and analog artistry, we shape places’ spirits into totally new experiences. Our sought-after addresses set the lifestyle bar for residents and developers.

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HOUSING/Urban Living Interiors Project List

One block from Seattle’s Pike Place Market, the West Edge Tower is a destination in and of itself. The highly crafted exterior of this 39-story mixed-use building gives way to an elegant interior experience, revealing moments of exploration and discovery that tie to the nature, local culture, and architecture found surrounding the site. The design features three distinct types of residences, each laid out to maximize the views and engage residents in the natural beauty of the area. Materials and finishes in each apartment reflect the outer landscapes and environments of the Seattle region. Penthouses provide a new offering with unmatched size, quality, and views. Beautifully designed amenities further highlight this interplay between architecture and interiors and the outside world. But nowhere is this connection more powerful than directly inside the lobby. Here, the Green Jewel Box—a naturally-lit glass enclosure containing a living Japanese maple tree—holds stillness in the heart of Seattle.