HOUSING / High-Rise

Encouraging the best of cities.

Visionary, purposeful, and efficient. These words characterize our high rises and describe how we create them—by working collaboratively with our clients to design their design process. We align goals and generate efficiencies. We rigorously identify spoken and unspoken priorities. We work with focus, prioritizing quality and hitting budget by streamlining decisions. We search, challenge, and refine, all in pursuit of the vision. These powerful design methodologies bring powerful outcomes. Our urban high rises create enduring value for everybody involved—developer, resident, and community.

Park Fifth continues LA’s lineage of urban life with newfound energy and style. Together with our client, MacFarlane Partners, our Architecture and Interiors teams designed a timeless, curated living experience for LA professionals. The 25-story luxury tower of housing and retail captures the legacy and allure of Pershing Square and offers residents access to a world of high design. Park Fifth's full-height marquee element and floor-to-ceiling windows echo the grand theater scale of the former Philharmonic Auditorium. Welcoming residents and guests at the entry, a custom-designed laser-cut, granite slab at the tower’s base honors the rich, artful story of the historic building. Inside, refined, sculpture-like finishes complete the sophisticated amenity spaces and highly appointed residences. Creating the mixed-use tower combined our expertise in urban living design, 3D modeling technology, urban infill, and historical research. By working closely with the City of Los Angeles, we were able to redefine the city's 240-foot height restrictions and create a 360-degree rooftop amenity experience offering panoramic views and complete with a pool, bar, lounge and fitness area. As one of the first of its kind in the city, the innovation paved a path for future high-rises to come.