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Visionary, purposeful, and efficient. These words characterize our high rises and describe how we create them—by working collaboratively with our clients to design their design process. We align goals and generate efficiencies. We rigorously identify spoken and unspoken priorities. We work with focus, prioritizing quality and hitting budget by streamlining decisions. We search, challenge, and refine, all in pursuit of the vision. These powerful design methodologies bring powerful outcomes. Our urban high rises create enduring value for everybody involved—developer, resident, and community.

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HOUSING/High-Rise Project List

Set at the industrial west edge of the Pearl District, between the Willamette River and the I-405 highway, the Rodney is a mixed-use apartment building that fuses modern with industrial design. In response to community input, we designed the Rodney to fit in, particularly at the robust, ordered street-level base that reflects the neighborhood’s historic legacy of industrial architecture. But, as it gracefully rises to a slender, shimmering tower of glass, the Rodney also stands out, linking to the adjacent downtown and Pearl neighborhoods. Our design connects site contexts and scales that often aren't: one, industrial, grounded, and historical; the other, urban, vertical, and modern. Our client, Holland Partner Group, describes the Rodney as “one of the most successful in their portfolio.”