Working the future through the present.

Hidden threads of belief, behavior, and desire weave our lives together. Each choice we make ties another knot and shapes our future. By seeing these hidden threads ahead of time, we can make the future we want. Meeting people's needs through more complete, human-centered environments, we create brand loyalists of tomorrow through holistic experiences that people love—and love to share.

We create movement through belief.

The scale of architecture, the intimacy of interiors, the mutability of images: Everything speaks in its own language. Some shout. Some whisper. But all environments express the beliefs of those who made them. Our work expresses these beliefs. Engaging as design partners with our clients across all project phases, using our tools of brand identity, visual and environmental graphics, messaging, contextual and user research, wayfinding, art installations, and more, we help clarify organizational values and set operational programs in motion. We help create movement through space and movement in souls.

We find desire through behavior.

Expressed through people's visible behaviors are their underlying emotional, cultural, and psychological motivations. To meet their needs, we read people's behaviors to understand how and why they behave the way they do. By tying human needs to strategic goals across the entirety of our clients' environments, we do more than amplify business outcomes through beautiful, practical, long-lived brands. We translate intent into experiences. We help create enduring places where people feel welcomed, understood, and uplifted.

Young Life’s Washington Family Ranch, nestled in a high desert valley in Central Oregon, seeks to give youth campers the best week of their lives. Combining exposed heavy timber with concealed modern building systems, the ranch's two camps, Creekside and Canyon, express a traditional aesthetic with surprising modern advantages. Designing a 100,000 sq. ft. ensemble of multi-use buildings in Oregon’s remote high desert means designing for sustainability. Campers start their days in the cabins before moving to the grand dining hall. At the activity center, kids play basketball, volleyball and soccer, challenge friends to miniature golf, or pull on a harness for the adventure ropes course. In the afternoon, they hit the towering water park, where five slides drop them into outdoor pools from the head of an active mine shaft. Since we first began work here over a decade ago, the two camps—Creekside for teens and Canyon for middle schoolers—have hosted up to 800 campers per week, every summer. And the sunsets still take our breath away.