Photo of Goat Blocks
Photo of Goat Blocks
Photo of Goat Blocks
Photo of Goat Blocks
Photo of Goat Blocks
Photo of Goat Blocks

Goat Blocks

An Industrial Destination

Developed in a space previously maintained by a herd of friendly neighborhood goats, Goat Blocks is a multi-block, mixed-use project that connects Portland's industrial past with a creative future. Positioned between a historic residential neighborhood and a vibrant industrial area in transition, this mixed-use development is the area’s new, social hub. We wanted to create a place for everyone. Three industrial-inspired buildings knit together shops big and small, restaurants, a cider taproom, a grocery store, and apartments. Pedestrian alleyways draw the neighborhood in; apartment balconies and a rooftop lounge draw residents out. Since completion, the live, work, shop destination in the Central Eastside Industrial District (CEID) has emerged as a hot spot for innovation, creative industries, and entrepreneurship.

Portland, Oregon
  • 240 units
  • 6 stories
  • 394,920 sq. ft.
  • Completed in 2017



Architecture: Jason Roberts

Interior Story

Versatile Urban Living

Creative makers. Fierce entrepreneurs. Connoisseurs of urban culture. Portland’s Central Eastside is a hub for people who live, work, and play to an eclectic beat. Their values of variety, independence, and convenience are all supported at Goat Blocks. Our design of the interiors is responsive to neighborhood context and resident priorities. Kitchen styles are tailored to each building and have open shelving for the residents to curate their special items. With "shotgun" layouts, apartments make the most of space and shared daylight. Maker's style closets extend our emphasis on custom curation and personalization. Salvaged reclaimed wood from the former warehouse on site connects the place to its past. The massive beams, rafters, and roof decking were repurposed in a variety of ways: as the townhome stairs, shelving in some studio units, and featured prominently in a lobby and community lounge. Neighbors and friends can take advantage of a community lounge on rainy days, and in the summer, host a BBQ on the rooftop lounge overlooking their thriving district.


Architecture Story

Eras of Industrial Charm

Goat Bocks is designed for people who love eclectically formed neighborhoods—where each building has its own distinct personality, yet every block has a cohesive charm. At Goat Blocks, each building represents an industrial era of Portland’s past. When people come to live there, they have a home that combines rustic brick (pre-WWII industry), steel (mid-century), and an artistic European aesthetic. Together, they form an integrated block with a close-knit vibe that feels like Portland. Each building in the development has unique unit types and finishes, a vibrant combination of studios, one- and two-bedroom apartments, and townhomes. Kitchen layouts are designed for efficiency and infused with character using salvaged materials. Custom moveable steel screens on the balconies of one building create an ever-changing visual and offer residents the choice of city views or a shady outdoor retreat. Neighbors and friends can take advantage of a community lounge on rainy days, and in the summer, host a BBQ on the rooftop lounge overlooking their thriving district. To make Goat Blocks a vibrant live, work, shop destination that all Portlanders could love, we made space for a variety of small and large businesses (from 200-100,00 SF). Pedestrian alleyways naturally draw visitors into the multi-block development to join friends for a cider tasting, pick-up groceries for dinner, or grab a bite out at a popular restaurant. In support of Portland principles, we placed interior bike parking throughout the development. Below-grade vehicle parking makes it easy for out-of-town guests to visit too. The garage uses semi-automated parking stackers (one of the largest installations on the West Coast at the time) that eliminated a level of excavation during construction and made room for an additional 39 parking spaces. The mixed-use block elevates the livability and walkability of a bustling traffic corridor in CEID.


Planning Story

A Hillside Reimagined

The creative nature of the people that work, live, and play in Portland’s Central Eastside Industrial area inspired our goal to make a distinct, walkable community destination. Composed of three buildings with distinct architectural styles, the integrated block uses architecture and pedestrian alleyways to create a close-knit neighborhood vibe next to a bustling traffic corridor. Taking cues from the district’s scale and industrial history, each building represents an industrial era of Portland’s past. The buildings vary in scale and have a balanced contrast of colored metal panels, brick, and cement. Canopies and balconies add dimension to the façade, while botanic installations and planters work to capture a natural setting. Goat Blocks is designed to enrich the personality of the neighborhood and support Portland priorities; ample bike parking is scattered throughout the property, walkways and retail lobbies stimulate pedestrian traffic, and below-grade vehicle parking makes it easy for guests to visit. Housing units on the upper floors ensure all day activity, creating the perfect epicenter for community engagement. Micro-retail spaces in the walkways between buildings give residents and visitors a place to wander within the development to bring new surprises and discoveries. A fusion of opposites—new and old, big and small—give the area a fresh vision for what city living can be.