On the Boards Interiors


These projects represent our teams’ most exciting work. This is where our hearts and heads are today: Our creative and technical expertise applied to creating more vibrant, human-centered, and meaningful places.

Located in an area historically connected to America’s first post-war shopping mall and physically connected to the rest of Seattle by light rail, the Northgate neighborhood has been experiencing renewed attention as the site of a new urban neighborhood, evolving from a conventional shopping mall into a vibrant new community. As the first phase of the transformation from a park-and-ride lot to a Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) that will connect the new light rail system throughout the neighborhood, Northgate Affordable Housing establishes a destination for growing families and working individuals alike, setting the tone for the future of the neighborhood as a more connected and sustainable community. As affordable family housing, Northgate aims to provide 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom apartments to the people who need them most in an area where there are few options for low-cost accommodation. As part of this mission, 27 of Northgate’s 235 units are dedicated to veterans who may need supplementary support. Even with an efficient, budget-minded design, a dynamic patterned exterior was created to reflect the movement of buses and light rail transit lines near the site. Colorful murals, connected sightlines, a courtyard sanctuary, and community-oriented amenities and services support residents inside, encouraging feelings of safety, comfort, and support.