OFFICE / Workplace Interiors

Smart spaces for productive work.

We understand that today’s workplace must put people at the core of the design process and solution. Learning our client’s unique brand, drivers and stories—infused with our research and vision—allows us to build a solution meticulously and strategically tailored to your culture and aspirations. We believe that the greatest workspaces support and empower the very best ideas, maximize productivity, and function seamlessly—all while supporting health and wellness. We anchor our workplace design solutions in four key principles: engagement, empowerment, effectiveness, and experience.

Located in Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood, 2201 Westlake Lobby serves as the first impression for the high-rise multi-tenant office building and is an inviting way station for busy professionals. Our team successfully transformed what was once a featureless entryway into a meeting place enveloped in beauty. Designed to elevate what is typically a liminal space, 2201 Westlake Lobby pays homage to the regional natural wonders of the Pacific Northwest by way of a grand living wall. A glass façade integrates the verdant space with the surrounding neighborhood and fills the area with natural light. Open space and hidden design details immerse guests in a feeling of warm serenity, inviting visitors to linger in the building’s foyer for just a moment longer.