Creating places people want to be.

We believe in senior care that’s both operationally advanced and deeply tied to the needs of emerging generations. Connecting senior living to neighborhoods’ character and development, our for-profit communities encourage intergenerational and social interaction, personal growth, physical movement, and highly complex social programming for all combinations of independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing, and memory care.

As one of a few senior communities in northeast Portland, MorningStar at Laurelhurst serves an important dual purpose: allow nearby families and their older relatives to reside within walking distance of each other and offer aging residents of the surrounding neighborhood a comforting opportunity to remain in the same area. Urban on one side, MorningStar at Laurelhurst invites interaction with passersby along the busy commercial street it resides on. Residential on the other side, the senior community responds to the smaller scale of the surrounding houses and provides multiple gardens for residents. Our team designed this project with thoughtfulness and attention to ensuring it will reflect and enhance the historic Laurelhurst neighborhood aesthetically and practically upon completion in 2022.