Photo of Tacoma Convention Center Hotel
Photo of Tacoma Convention Center Hotel
Photo of Tacoma Convention Center Hotel
Photo of Tacoma Convention Center Hotel
Photo of Tacoma Convention Center Hotel
Photo of Tacoma Convention Center Hotel

Tacoma Convention Center Hotel

A Modern Marriott with Tacoma Character

Nestled between the Tacoma Convention Center and a historic landmark, this four-star Marriott stands for Tacoma’s industrial history and its future as a premiere West Coast destination. Our design of the sophisticated, mixed-use 24-story tower embraces the city’s industrial character, a concept we lovingly refer to as raw•fined. The tower will make Tacoma a true contender in the convention market, with 300 keys for event attendees, as well as a ballroom and meeting room, and indoor/outdoor pool. Its three-story podium will bring 60,000 sq. ft. of retail, restaurant, and grocery space needed in the port city’s downtown core.

Tacoma, Washington
  • 304 keys
  • 22 stories
  • 453,425 sq. ft.





Architecture: Jason Lamb

Architecture Story

Creating a New Gateway to Tacoma

The City of Tacoma is set to become a leading destination for industry and tourism. The new hotel is internally connected to the Tacoma Convention Center. Rising 24-stories from Downtown Tacoma, the modern Marriott hotel will bring much-needed hospitality space to the convention center area. The tower is also situated on the steeply sloped site to allow for a second phase tower for urban condominiums or international student housing for the nearby UW Tacoma campus. With the new Convention Hotel, on-site accommodations will nearly double, with an additional 304 keys in addition to extra meeting and multi-purpose space. It gives tourists and convention-goers a seamless venue experience that will bring them back to Tacoma for years to come. The new Convention Center hotel draws people together with the spirit and character of Tacoma. Making the downtown core more vital and livable, a three-story podium will house retail, restaurants, and a grocery store and provides stunning views out to the Tacoma waterfront and industrial port beyond. At the ground floor, a repeating bay and window pattern alludes to Tacoma’s signature historic architecture. The retail entry takes a modern turn with layered glass panes and columns that express the same visual structure of the existing Convention Center. Once inside, exposed steel and concrete structural materials provide a tie to the city’s industrial past. Our “raw-fined" concept uses x-crossing patterns that allude to industrial shipping patterns—ripples of the port city history displayed from floor to ceiling. On top of the podium, a luxurious outdoor pool, rooftop deck welcomes hotel guests. The pinnacle of Tacoma, this hotel offers uninterrupted views of the city and Mount Rainier beyond.