Photo of 2nd and Salmon Hotel

Photo of 2nd and Salmon Hotel

Photo of 2nd and Salmon Hotel

Photo of 2nd and Salmon Hotel

Photo of 2nd and Salmon Hotel

2nd and Salmon Hotel

A Distinctly Portland High-Rise Hotel

In 2014, we submitted a conceptual design study to long-time Portland developer Arthur Mutual for a prominent site in the central city. With an intimate understanding of the site’s history and future potential, we flipped their initial placement of a new high-rise hotel and office with a plan to reunify the surrounding neighborhood–the Yamhill Historic District and the Municipal Governance District. Happy with the bold move, Arthur Mutal brought us on board to bring the development to life. The sister building, 250 Taylor office received the 2019 CRE Transformer Award from the Portland Business Journal. Designed in dark brick to echo the neighborhood’s historic aesthetic, the profile of the tower transforms the pedestrian experience from blocks away. Inside, a premier restaurant, ballroom, and rooms for 250 guests will reform the neighborhood. A discreet entrance to an exclusive rooftop deck harkens to the area’s speakeasy roots, where the first-ever rooftop pool in the city sits alongside an outdoor social venue overlooking the surrounding urban landscape and peak of Mount Hood beyond.

Portland, Oregon
  • 250 keys
  • 20 stories
  • Completed in 2022

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Architecture: Brad Bane

Architecture Story

A Memorable Arrival and Intriguing Stay

Centrally located in the heart of downtown Portland, 2nd and Salmon reunifies and strengthens the character of a critical block near Lownsdale Square. Its location offers an opportunity to cultivate interest and identity in a neighborhood connected to public parks, the Willamette waterfront, transportation, and entertainment in the central city. The hotel massing responds to the scale step-down within the district, transitioning from the giants of the governance district to the reduced scale of Yamhill historic district. The boutique hotel is a delicate transition, breaking down the block into a welcoming scale. Warm brick is a sophisticated interpretation of the area’s historic masonry structures. Metal detailing gleams in bronze to reveal the simplicity of the hotel design within–sharp and shimmering. 2nd and Salmon envisions an engaging ground floor, a sense of arrival, and improved walkability for the neighborhood. The curtainwall face of the tower and podium opens to views of Lownsdale Square, as does a recessed operable wall in the corner restaurant venue with outdoor seating. A beautiful, cascading green wall reinforces connection to the greenspace and provides a stunning entry to a memorable ground floor experience. A market and bar will extend street activity beyond the 9-5 working hours. Lighting will play a major role signaling the tower’s presence in the city. The Guest experience begins from blocks away with views of its illuminated crown; hinting at the elegance and memorable stay that awaits. Upon arrival, familiar lighting language greets visitors and guides them to the hotel entry. The illuminated pathway from cityscape to streetscape creates a sense of intrigue and mystique for the central city block. A rooftop bar/lounge resurrects the mysterious past of the famed Albion Hotel and Lotus Cardroom with a speakeasy-inspired entrance for guests and visitors to experience. Keeping with the theme of hide-and-reveal, layers of varying transparency, like custom metal screens along the ground floor, create visual connections between guests and the surrounding city.