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From small start-ups to ground-up campuses, our award-winning office designs are intuitive, adaptive, and inspirational environments that support an organization’s most important assets: talent and brand. We rigorously research operational needs, strategic user behavior, market position, and organizational culture to design what our clients need and employees want. By anticipating future operational and technology requirements, we boost productivity and wellness by creating innovative workplaces that encourage cultural values, collaboration, and adaptability and keep you ahead of the trends. We dream big and deliver excellence.

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OFFICE Project List

SAIF is a not-for-profit, state-chartered workers' compensation insurance company that serves all of Oregon. Their Salem campus included multiple buildings which inhibited employee interaction. Ankrom Moisan was initially hired to provide a new office building, and then selected to lead overall campus planning, from orientation and flow between their buildings, across the campus, to its connection with the surrounding community. The major goal of the client was to create a workplace that appeals to multiple generations with flexibility to accommodate future growth and future work styles. The preliminary stages of the process included research in the form of employee surveys, focus groups, and manager workshops. The design team then built the necessary test fits, space plans, and virtual design to create a new workplace that all stakeholders could support. By listening to how important the connection was to their existing 200-year-old heritage oak tree, the design team used an inside-out outside-in approach to tie the landscape, architecture and interior design together throughout the building that gave SAIF's employees a sustainable, flexible, light-filled workspace that they enjoy coming to work each day to.