HOUSING / Affordable Housing

Innovative, attainable housing that endures.

Truly affordable housing projects bring lasting investment value—to our development partners and our cities, now and tomorrow—and abiding social benefits to the people and families who live in them. Our beautiful and energy-efficient housing is filled with practical amenities, attractive and long-lasting materials, and most importantly, warmth, vibrancy, and life. Everyone deserves a home that connects them to their neighbors, friends, and family. Everyone deserves the chance to feel safe and proud of where they live. Our affordable housing makes these hopes real.

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HOUSING/Affordable Housing Project List

A place for second chances and life transitions, Wy’East Plaza meets a current need for safe, dignified affordable housing while offering a vision for the future of East Portland. Named after a Native American term for Mt. Hood, the four-story building’s 175 units will primarily be dedicated to lower income residents. Cost containment strategies challenged our architects and interior designers to develop new solutions that would provide housing for more families, per dollar spent. Complete with a courtyard, community spaces, and carless transit options, Wy’East Plaza supports people starting their next chapter and encourages the future of its neighborhood to be more walkable and residential. Collaboration amongst all stakeholders from the very start created the ideal harmony of design, constructibility, and budget. We maximized our resources through simple, elegant Scandinavian-inspired design—not sacrificing quality or beauty.