HEALTHCARE / Inpatient

Supporting complex care.

Highly complex, technically intricate, and coordination-heavy, inpatient spaces require design that respects not only the intense technical requirements of the users and equipment, but also acknowledges the occupied, high acuity spaces in which they often reside. From emergency departments to operating rooms, we bring our expertise with medical planning, code analysis, and user engagement to create spaces that are intuitive, efficient, and flow well.


HEALTHCARE/Inpatient Project List

Healing is a holistic process including mental and physical rehabilitation. Our approach for renovating the Harborview Medical Center Pediatric Burn Unit channels both of these aspects to recovery. We strove to create an immersive, engaging environment not only for the young patients requiring intense, long-term treatment, but also for the staff and visitors. Renovation efforts for this downtown Seattle inpatient ward were mainly concentrated on upgrading an existing playroom and therapy room, and the creation of a staff break room. Driven by the concept of zones, our design focused on creating spaces for treatment, play, and rest that allow patients, visitors, and staff to exercise a level of control over their engagement with space. The process of completing the 1,700 sq. ft. HMC Burn Unit epitomizes our belief that collaboration, communication, and respect are critical to success. This design-bid-build project was constructed entirely during the pandemic in an active inpatient unit. Leveraging communication strategies utilized in design-build project delivery models, we finished on-time and on-budget with only 22 RFIs (the majority of which were confirming). Close partnership between our team, construction partner Skanska, and client HMC ensured consistently aligned expectations, as well as swift, smooth handling of any issues arising during construction.