HEALTHCARE / Behavioral Health

Psychological healing.

Our behavioral healthcare designs help patients psychologically heal in safe, secure, and supportive inpatient and outpatient environments while actively reducing the social stigmas that often accompany receiving such healthcare. Thus, we also consider community and family needs as well as the needs of psychological healthcare providers.

PeaceHealth Sacred Heart Medical Center seeks to connect patients to critical services while offering privacy and a safe place for people to heal from trauma. For this project, our paramount goal was relocating the existing adult behavioral health facility while minimizing hospital interruptions and continuing to provide excellent care. Rather than renovating an existing space within the hospital, we created a new 26,000 SF, 35-bed behavioral health inpatient facility by infilling a level 1 parking structure within an occupied medical office building. This modern behavior health unit is close to the emergency room to make transporting patients easy, and now provides two different levels of safety based on the patient’s needs in a private, home-like setting.