COMMUNITY / Cultural

Space for many voices.

We synthesize many missions into a shared reflection of long- and short-term community goals. These multi-purpose spaces can evolve to achieve both. From galleries to performance halls, our designs champion new generations of creators, performers, and educators.

Vancouver, Washington, has a symphony, but the only performance space available in the city is a local high school. To attract national touring groups, the city needs a dedicated, professional performance space that reflects the region’s dedication to the arts. Our design concept for the Southwest Washington Center for the Arts explores the dream of a regional art center and puts art on center stage. Situated on a meandering campus greenway famous for spring cherry blossoms, the Glass House reflects the location’s natural surroundings. A beautiful glass arc lets in natural light into an art gallery space, lobby, and café. It surrounds a 1300-seat concert hall with a welcoming glow of clear and colored glass. Our vision for Southwest Washington’s Center for the Arts encourages world class performance in Vancouver. Together with an elegant exhibit-style lobby, the design draws the community together in celebration of the arts.