Kim Gonzales
Senior Associate
Balance is the art of knowing when to hold on tight and when to fully let go.
I find creative inspiration from all around usually when I slow down from busy schedules. Meditation, relaxation and vacations are all direct pathways for me to tap into my most creative side.
A fun fact about me, is that I always have been fascinated by the science of sharks, so much so, that my family bout me 3 small freshwater sharks to add to our aquarium.
I begin most mornings brewing freshly ground, medium roast coffee in a French press and pour into oversized mugs for my husband and I to enjoy together, before starting our morning routines.
One of my passions is to mentor and inspire youth through coaching kids sports. Most recently, I coached my son's Track & Field - sprints & relays teams.
Not a lot of people know that Interior Design is my second career. My first career was in sports medicine.
Project Highlights