Photo of Vera Whole Health Hoffman Clinic
Photo of Vera Whole Health Hoffman Clinic
Photo of Vera Whole Health Hoffman Clinic
Photo of Vera Whole Health Hoffman Clinic
Photo of Vera Whole Health Hoffman Clinic
Photo of Vera Whole Health Hoffman Clinic

Vera Whole Health Hoffman Clinic

Accessible Wellness

Vera Whole Health, a national primary health care provider based in Seattle, provides welcoming, holistic health services to the employees of large organizations. As part of a business model that includes a blend of medical care, lifestyle coaching, and general wellness promotion with large healthcare systems, Vera Whole Health places readily accessible clinics on or near workplace campuses. After they approached us to quickly redesign their existing clinics and create standards for future clinics, our team refined their concept of wellness through hospitality, completely reimagining the look and feel of a care center. Mid-century modern design inspires everything we created, from custom furnishings to finishing touches. The result is a vibrant, comfortable residential aesthetic that parallels Vera’s self-care services and prototypes upcoming work. We delivered a set of permit and construction documents within four weeks that accommodates each clinic configuration in Vera’s evolved level of health care, and in just nine months, our prototype design for Hoffman Clinic was completed.

Portland, Oregon
  • 1 story
  • 4,000 sq. ft.







Interiors: Marcy Naismith

Interior Story

Modern Design for Modern Healthcare

Vera Health is a wellness-first brand, committed to making healthcare more accessible by providing clinics in or near large employers. Essentially operating as a third party, Vera fills a niche that quickly brings care centers to market for large healthcare providers and insurers. Urgency to market is Vera’s largest challenge. Through our design process and Lean-inspired methodologies, our solutions efficiently and fully met this urgency. For example, collaborating with our furniture vendor, we designed custom, modular casework solutions: standard furniture that can be removed and reused, if need be, at other clinics. These mock-ups started simple with full-scale elevations, then evolved to foam core and plywood. Each subsequent iteration led to final products that had already been approved by the clinical staff before starting construction. Developed initially for Vera’s Hoffman Clinic, our design brings a residential and hospitality look and feel to the wellness clinic. Mid-century modern design informed our high-quality, residential, and spa-like aesthetic. Details highlight clean lines and fine craftsmanship, paralleling the egalitarian quality of care patients receive at the clinic. We worked closely with the medical planners to source and develop furnishings and décor to make the clinic feel like home. Our prototypical design standards—rapidly developed and vetted in interactive, Lean-inspired workshops—set the course for future clinics. Throughout the Hoffman Clinic, environmental graphics and signs showcase Vera Health’s mission, vision, and values. Vibrant colors infuse the spaces with welcoming energy; custom furnishings and distinctively detailed modular casework echo Vera’s unique quality of service. Constant improvement through close collaboration ensured that Vera Health received exactly what they were looking for. At the end of the project, we delivered a detailed standards manual that maximizes efficiency and reduces costs for future Vera care center projects.