HEALTHCARE / Ambulatory Care

Health and hospitality.

Same-day, walk-in/walk-out healthcare that covers a broad range of services, from prescription pickups to cancer infusion treatment.

What at first seemed like a straightforward, 5,500 sq. ft. interior tenant improvement project for Swedish Medical Center—relocating their ambulatory infusion clinic, as part of their First Hill hospital’s larger expansion—proved an intricate, complex, and exciting interior and architectural design challenge. Since their existing AIC was located in the main acute care facility, our collaborative team faced a wider opportunity to completely rethink their new space in an outpatient facility, touching on every aspect of healthcare design: medical planning, equipment planning, clinical engineering, respiratory services, food services, waste-removal services, medical delivery, security, and entertainment. And once underway, multiple scope changes squeezed the project’s already tight schedule even tighter. Thanks to true collaboration with hospital clinicians and users, and a rabid, nimble design process, we made it happen. We delivered Swedish Medical Center’s new AIC on schedule, on budget, and with a design that helps patients—and staff—feel taken care of.